endresult of succesfull modification
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First attempt to upgrade SBS1 receiver with ethernet digi connect ME

by skyscraper

The SBS1 receiver/PC basestation software is a perfect solution for airplane enthousiasts to support there hobby. After years wondering what plane passes my home, it's now possible to see all the details of the plane's flight like, flight level, actual flying coordinates, speed and flightnumber.
The only disadvantage is that the connection to the receiver should be with a USB cable, while my house has a TCP/IP network (like everyone has today) and not an USB network.
Having a problem with installing a USB cable of 30 feet to my SBS1 receiver i stopped this attempt.
After discovering that an outside aerial with 30 feet cable has big signal losses, i should use a HF-amplifier. The costs for this solution were over the 100 and so for me no option.
I have my SBS1 on the ceiling of my house where my computer is connected with USB. Signal reception here is excellent.
But i want to run my basestation software on my laptop en sit in the garden to watch the airplanes coming over.

Therefore the idea of connecting the receiver via a WiFi connection over my homenetwork.
My idea about implementation:
The for me lowest cost possibility is to put the box on the TCP/IP network.
This option was also mentioned in the initial setup of basestationsoftware on the PC.

The hardware was fitted, but the conclusion after investigation:
the software inside the SBS1 has no support for this option:
It doesn't support the function, and keeps the resetline to the module low.

PCB layout after fitting the module. (The lose wire i fitted for testing).

Backside of the SBS1 receiver after fitting the ethernet module.

So i stopped this approach.
Thinking about another concept by overruling the USB connector by a ethernet module who is capable of transferring the high baudrate of 921600 baud.

Second attempt to TCP/IP the receiver: result positive.

For this approach i took the following recepy:

1. Lantronix Xport-03 embedded webserver
2. PCB which i designed for the xport to fit in SBS1
3. Schottky diode BAT84 or BAS40 (all type of schottky will do).

My main goal was to have the USB option available or the TCP/IP function.
Only one point to point connection i thought was possible.
But after implementation of this concept, both connections can be made at the same time.
So we have now a 2 PC solution. One via USB, the other via TCP/IP....

The principle of this concept ("wired-or tx").

The empty place where to place the xport embedded web server.

Isolate the contacts with a piece of isolation (tape).

Solder two wires from the backside of the PCB to connect with the Xport module.

Place the xport on PCB and then place in the SBS1.

Other view of the placed Xport with connections.

The end result: we added the netwerk connection to the SBS1.
A perfect tool.

Design remarks:

The RJ45 connector plugs upside down.......
Any schottky diode will do but in my stack i found a BAT84 schottky.
I tested with a powered USB line (with no connection)
Supply via the 12V socket and set the switch doesn't work.
There are special USB connectors to supply voltage to the box.

This carconnector to USB came with a bluetooth mouse.

You can order the XPORT-03 at Farnell: number: 1297883, costs are about 49.
Or at www.mouser.com with ordernumber: 515-XP1001001-03R costs 49$.

PCB layout in pdf format click here

This information is for personal use only and I take no responsibility for your rebuild actions.
It's on your own risk!!

Xport configuration:

Be sure you set enable high performance and 921600 baud!!

first this settings via telnet.

Then baudrate on 921600 baud.!


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